Anne Isopp

Wonderland Manual for Emerging Architects

The 2nd edition of the Wonderland Manual for Emerging Architects is out now!


The manual provides a unique overview of the most important issues that need to be dealt within the first 5 years of an architecture practice. The book was conceived as a combination of three already published wonderland magazines (in an updated form) and two additional chapters of unpublished material. Aside from providing a unique source of reference for architects interested in developing their practices, the manual also addresses institutions and organizations, which deal with the profession (architecture schools, professional organizations, policy makers) throughout Europe. The manual consists of five main chapters: Getting started, Making mistakes, Going public, Getting specialized and Making competitions.

The content of the fourth chapter (Getting specialized) will be entirely new material, while the last chapter (Making competitions) will refer to the homonymous exhibition and symposium that took place in Vienna in June 2009. An indispensable book for all who want their young practices to survive.

This valuable practical manual is a road map that guides young architects trying to build a practice through the vicissitudes of their first five business years. It is based on a combination of updated material from a number of issues of Wonderland magazine.

Edited by Anne Isopp, Silvia Forlati

erschienen im Birkhäuser Verlag, Wien 2018